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This sea separates East Africa from Western Saudi Arabia
a) Mediterranean Sea
b) Red Sea
c) Black Sea
d) Adriatic Sea

This countries Norther border lies on the Black Sea
a) Greece
b) Egypt
c) Turkey
d) Saudi Arabia

Although Muslim sects or empires did not always get along they always shared
a) their faith in Allah, the one true God
b) their belief in Muhammad the prophet
c) their belief that Muhammad ascended to heaven from Jerusalem like other prophets before him
d) All of the answers

Which of the below items is not a Muslim Sect
a) Sunni
b) Shiite
c) Isis
d) Syrian

All are true of the Islamic Faith Except
a) Founded by Muhammad in 7th Century
b) Holy Book is the Koran
c) They used Jihad to grow the religion quickly in the 8th- 10th centuries when fighting the Byzantines
d) It was founded in the city of Jerusalem

Which of the following is the least likely way to keep the people in your empire happy
a) being culturally tolerant
b) having a strong central government to manage economy and trade
c) overtaxing minorities( smaller populations) to benefit majority or vice versa
d) maintaining a strong military to protect and defend people, economy and empire

Which of the below items is NOT a primary source?
a) Diary
b) a time magazine news article
c) court or government document
d) eyewitness account of 9-11

Another name for the local peoples living in an area
a) indigenous
b) secular
c) natives
d) dominants

Which religion below did NOT have their founder ascend to heaven from Jerusalem
a) Buddhist
b) Islam
c) Christanity
d) Judaism

He is the current President/Prime Minister of Russia
a) Al Assad
b) John Kerry
c) Vladamir Putin
d) Stolz Putin

Jerusalem is located in this country
a) Syria
b) Jordan
c) Saudi Arabia
d) Israel

When someone has a more worldly and less religious view of life they are considered
a) orthodox
b) conservative
c) liberal
d) secular

This Abrahamic faith follows Ismal, the son of Abraham
a) Christanity
b) Judaism
c) Islam
d) Sunni

The terrorist group Isis is currently occupying which two countries
a) Iraq and Saudi Arabia
b) Sicily and Iran
c) Syria and Iran
d) Syria and Iraq

Which is the least likely reason an American Muslim women would wear a Hajib
a) to be closer to God
b) to show their faith
c) because they are forced too
d) to be more modest

People who are orthodox are more likely to
a) follow the Muslim religion
b) follow the liberal left
c) strickly follow a religion or faith
d) be a follower of any religion

To preserve traditional or original ideas and be skeptical of change at times
a) secular
b) sect
c) orthodox
d) conservative

Someone who holds views outside the general norm of society is considered an
a) extremist
b) orthodox
c) secularian
d) conservative

Which if the below is not considered an extremist group
a) Isil
b) Isis
c) Shiite
d) Al Queda

A sect is
a) a smaller group that is part of a larger group
b) a section of in history
c) a religious group
d) A sect is the group that followed Muhammad

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