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The best way European sailors learned to handle ocean currents was by _______.
a) ignoring them
b) both a and c
c) staying within sight of land
d) riding with them

What was Vasco da Gama famous for?
a) finding the first all-water route to Asia
b) sailing around the entire world
c) finding a land route to Asia
d) discovering South America

Which explorer laid the basis for Spanish claims in the Americas?
a) Pedro Alvares Cabral
b) Hernan Cortes
c) Christopher Columbus
d) Bartholomeu Dias

The voyage of Ferdinand Magellan was the first to _______.
a) round the tip of Africa
b) reach the Americas
c) bring enslaved Africans to Europe
d) circumnavigate the globe

Australia and New Zealand are in the southern Pacific Ocean. Which nation claimed these lands?
a) England
b) Portugal
c) the Netherlands (Holland)
d) Spain

All of the following inventions helped the early explorers navigate at sea EXCEPT the _________.
a) rudder
b) steam engine
c) astrolabe
d) compass

The compass helped Europeans navigate at sea. Its magnetized needle points to the magnetic _______.
a) north
b) west
c) east
d) south

Europeans learned about the astrolabe through contact with ___________.
a) Native Americans
b) traders from India
c) West Africans
d) Arab traders

News of the invention of gunpowder traveled from China westward by way of the _______________.
a) Columbian Exchange
b) Portuguese trading post empire
c) Venetian trading ships
d) Silk Road

Europeans first used gunpowder to take enslaved captives in _________.
a) South America
b) the Moluccas
c) West Africa
d) the Canary Islands

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