Math Chapter 4 Question Preview (ID: 20836)

Vocabulary.[print questions]

a graph used to compare two similar kinds of data
a) line plot
b) line graph
c) bar graph
d) double bar graph

a bar graph that shows the number of times data occurs within intervals
a) histogram
b) line plot
c) scale
d) axis

the horizontal number line on a coordinate grid
a) t chart
b) y- axis
c) x-axis
d) scale

the vertical number line on a coordinate grid
a) x -axis
b) y- axis
c) slope
d) line plot

a pair of numbers used to locate a point on a grid. The first number tells the left-right position and the second number tells the up and down position
a) origin
b) y coordinate
c) x coordinate
d) ordered pair

a) origin
b) x axis
c) y axis
d) slope

x coordinate
a) first number in an ordered pair
b) second number in an ordered pair
c) the origin
d) stem of a stem and leaf plot

a table that shows groups of data arranged by place value
a) box and whiskers
b) line graph
c) stem and leaf
d) scatter plot

data that wehn graphed shows groups
a) categorical data
b) numerical data
c) stem and leaf
d) box and whiskers

data that when graphed shows numbers in order on some numerical scale of the graph
a) categorical data
b) stem and leaf
c) numerical data
d) histogram

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