Reading Unit 2 Week 3 Question Preview (ID: 20835)

Vocabulary.[print questions]

active or full of life
a) energetic
b) transformed
c) flurry
d) bored

The way an animal or human being acts
a) migrate
b) transformed
c) behavior
d) observation

when something or someone can no longer be seen or found
a) theory
b) disappearance
c) migrate
d) flurry

happening all at once
a) snowstorm
b) an ice cream cone
c) energetic
d) flurry

to move to another area
a) migrate
b) transformed
c) observation
d) theory

to notice or carefully look at something
a) theory
b) observation
c) migrate
d) observation

an idea or opinion that has not been proven
a) migration
b) theory
c) experiment
d) observation

a) theorized
b) behaved
c) transformed
d) observed

ordering of events
a) sequence
b) rereading
c) comparing and contrasting
d) proofreading

a true story of someone elses life
a) autobiography
b) fariy tale
c) biography
d) tall tale

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