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If you were getting the mass of a beaker of water, what basic unit would you use?
a) meter
b) liter
c) mass

A measurement of 2567mm would be equal to how many meters?
a) .2567
b) 2.567
c) 25.567
d) 255.67

If measuring the side of a coin, what basic unit of measure would you use?
a) meter
b) liter
c) gram

The International System of Units -
a) Only works when a scientist is measuring mass.
b) Is a standardized system of measurement used only in the US.
c) Is a standardized system of measurement containing units based on multiples of 10,used all over the world.
d) involves multiplying and dividing by 2.8.

Which method is usually NOT used to collect data in the laboratory?
a) Testing by taste.
b) Looking for a color change.
c) Listening for the escaping of gases.
d) Feeling for the production of heat.

Mallory took a carnation, rose, and lily plant and wanted to know what color of light would make them grow the tallest. She measured each for four weeks. How could she make her experiment better?
a) Add more types of flowers.
b) Use the same type of flower in all three plants.
c) Use different pots for each plant.
d) Use the same amount of water for each plant.

Tom wanted to know if computer paper or construction paper would make his airplane go the farthest. He used the same design on both. He completed ten trials with each airplane. He averaged the distance each plane went. What is the DV?
a) The type of paper used to make the planes.
b) The same beginning position to throw from.
c) The ten trials
d) The average distance each plane went.

Joe wanted to know which paper towel absorbed the most water. He measured the amount of water in milliliters. What is the independent variable?
a) Type of paper towels
b) The amount of water he collected
c) The same size paper towel, bowl, and beaker.
d) The absorption rate.

What instrument do you use to measure the mass of an object?
a) barometer
b) graduated cylinder
c) metric ruler
d) balance or scale

Which SI metric unit of measurement is used to record the transfer of heat during an experiment?
a) Celcius
b) meter
c) liter
d) gram

If you were measuring the volume of a liquid, what basic unit of measurement would you use?
a) meter
b) liter
c) mass

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