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Which sentence correctly uses the word lumbered?
a) The fast children lumbered on the soccer field.
b) The eagle lumbered up and down throughout the sky.
c) The huge seal lumbered across the beach.
d) The tiny ant lumbered through the tunnels.

Which sentence correctly uses the word prowling?
a) The principal prowled as she welcomed the students.
b) The mountain lion prowled as she hunted some foxes.
c) The students prowled over their homework.
d) The prowling moth looked beautiful in the sky.

Which sentence correctly uses the word glancing?
a) The robbers were glancing as they sat in the cop car.
b) The teacher glanced at the students that were doing their work.
c) The glacing bug fly high in the sky.
d) The student glanced around as he took the teacher's pencil.

Which sentence correctly uses the word trembling?
a) I trembled in the cold.
b) I trembled after waking up from a nightmare.
c) She trembled after watching Finding Nemo.
d) The dog trembled to get the water off of him.

Which sentence correctly uses the word startled?
a) The startled child ran crying to his mother.
b) I stratled the race.
c) The startled cat walked slowly to his owner.
d) The startled car lurched forward.

Which sentence correctly uses the word summon?
a) I summoned over the swing.
b) The students summoned the numbers.
c) The dog summoned after the cat that startled him.
d) The principal summoned the students who broke the rule to her office.

What is a folktale?
a) A fantasy story.
b) A story that tells facts.
c) A story that tells how something came to be.
d) A fairytale.

What did the folktake Why Mosquitos Buzz in People's Ears tell us about what came to be?
a) Why iguanas have sticks in their ears.
b) Why lions are the kings of the jungles.
c) Why mosquitos buzz in people's ears.
d) Why the owls die.

Why did the python go in the rabbit's hole?
a) The python was hungry.
b) The python wanted to scare the rabbit.
c) The python was scared by the iguana.
d) The python wanted to go home.

What is an owlet?
a) A mother owl
b) A baby owl
c) An owl
d) A father owl

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