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1. . Council of elders who choose the king each tribal unit.
a) a. Witans
b) b. Mead
c) c. Thanes
d) d. Kings

2. . Fermented beverages made from honey.
a) a. Dragon
b) b. Thor
c) c. Mead
d) d. God

3. Celtic belief that Gods/spirits controlled all aspects of life and could take the form of trees, rivers, fire, thunder, etc.
a) a.Beowulf
b) b. Animism
c) c. Bards
d) d. Fatalism

4.Chief of a tribe called Brondings and a friend of Beowulf.
a) a. Brecca
b) b. Animism
c) c. Bards
d) d. Sloth

5. . Anglo-Saxon Belief that the course of one’s life was presdetermined by fate.
a) a. JUnuis
b) b. Fatalism
c) c. Codex
d) d. Book

6. . A man eating monster who lives at the bottom of a foul mere, or mountain lake.
a) a. Grendel
b) b. Women
c) c. Thanes
d) d. Meads

7. Warriors and soldiers loyal to the local lord or king.
a) a. Strong
b) b. Glory
c) c. Duke
d) d. Thanes

8. . A Great , son of Edgetho and nephew of Higlac, king of the Geats
a) a. King
b) b. Duke
c) c. Witans
d) d. Beowulf

9. . Slaves who did the farming and domestic work
a) a. Thralls
b) b. Britons
c) c. Witans
d) d. Warrior

10. . Small group who earned possessions and special favors.
a) a. Thralls
b) b. Druids
c) c. Patrick
d) d. Freemen

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