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Robert Koch
a) developed the culture plate and isolated Tuberculosis
b) developed pasteurization and sterilzation
c) Cared for soilders in Crimean War
d) Created a vaccine for rabies

Wilhelm Roentgen
a) developed Xrays
b) developed the culture plate and isolated Tuberculosis
c) Volunteered as a nurse in the Civil War
d) Discovered the conscious and unconscious mind

Sigmund Freud
a) discovered the conscious and unconscious mind
b) developed Xrays
c) developed a vaccine for smallpox
d) discovered a cure for tuberculosis

Sir Alexander Fleming
a) discovered penicillin
b) discoverd the importance of handwashing
c) invented a vaccine for rabies
d) invented a vaccine for colds

Salk and Sabin
a) Polio vaccine
b) Rabies vaccine
c) Flu vaccine
d) Cold vaccine

Crick and Watson
a) DNA
b) RNA
c) AMA
d) OCD

Christian Bernard
a) Performed 1st heart surgery
b) invented bifocals
c) discovered Xrays
d) discovered polio vaccine

Ben Carson
a) Separated siamese twins
b) 1st heart surgery
c) 1st to discover the consious and unconscious mind
d) separated the bacteria the caused tuberculosis

Wilhelm Roentgen
a) Xrayed his wife's hand
b) xrayed his dog
c) xrayed himself
d) xrayed his cat

Crick and Watson
a) shared Nobel prize in 1962
b) built a 3d model RNA
c) Invented pasteurization
d) invented a vaccine for colds

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