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Introduction To Mixtures In Chemistry.[print questions]

The substance added to a liquid is known as
a) the solvent
b) the solute
c) the mixture
d) the solution

A heterogenous mixture has substances that are
a) easily seen
b) not seen because they are blended completely
c) microscopic
d) invisible

An example of a heterogenous mixture is
a) chocolate milk
b) ocean water
c) pepperoni pizza
d) lemonade

A mixture that has particles that settle out is known as
a) a solution
b) a colloid
c) a concentrate
d) a suspension

a) scatter light and have particles that do not settle
b) have large particles that need to be shaken to mix thoroughly
c) are mixtures like pizza and vegetable soup
d) are only found in homogeous solutions

Which of the following would be considered a suspension?
a) Italian salad dressing
b) Medicine that must be shaken before taking
c) A snow globe
d) All answers are suspensions.

When a solution will take no more solute without the solute settling out, it is said to be
a) full
b) saturated
c) diluted
d) distilled

How can the dissovling of a solute be enhanced?
a) crushing it
b) heating it
c) stirring it
d) All answers will enhance the dissolving of a solute.

A pure substance is
a) a compound
b) a mixture
c) a solution
d) a centrifuge

When water evaporates and leaves a residue, what is left in the cup?
a) the solute
b) the solvent
c) the solution
d) the liquid

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