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840 divided by 9 =
a) 90 remainder8
b) 89 remainder1
c) 93 remainder3
d) 92 remainder3

Find the mean of 653,599,699,595,750,550
a) 641
b) 640
c) 639
d) 600

480 - n = 157
a) 320
b) 637
c) 276
d) 323

601.4 divided by 10 =
a) 60.14
b) 60.13
c) 70.14
d) 59.37

What are the property of a rhombus?
a) all sides are different lengths
b) one pair of intersecting lines
c) alll angles are obtuse
d) two pairs of parallel sides

What is a congurent polygon?
a) has same size and shape
b) different lengths
c) different shape
d) must have intersecting lines

Figure out how to turn this improper fraction into a mixed number 25\8?
a) 3 2\8
b) 3
c) 3 1\8
d) 4 2\6

Compare useing >,=,< 2 1/4 19/8
a) =
b) <
c) d
d) >

What is the name of Springfield's libary?
a) Springfield Libary
b) Mortan Township Libary
c) Springfield Township Libary
d) Springfeild Township

What is a famous mall in Springfield?
a) King of Prussia Mall
b) Springfield Mall
c) Granite Run Mall
d) Micrograde Mall

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