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Read the statements: A nation’s prime minister loses support in the legislature. A new election must be held to allow citizens to select a new national leader.
a) presidential democracy
b) autocratic government
c) parliamentary democracy
d) confederate government

Kenya has recently reached an agreement that says executive power is to be shared between a president, elected by the people, and a prime minister, elected by parliament. Which statement is correct in describing this new government?
a) It is strictly a parliamentary form of government because there is a prime minister.
b) It is a combination of presidential and parliamentary forms of democracy.
c) It is strictly a presidential form of government because there is a president.
d) It is neither presidential nor parliamentary because no one person has power.

Read the statements: The president is the leader of the executive branch of government. The president is largely independent of the legislature. This describes:
a) presidential democracy
b) parliamentary democracy
c) oligarchy
d) authoritarian regime

In the Egyptian parliamentary elections there are sometimes as many as 18 different political parties on the ballot. Everyone over the age of 18 is allowed to vote. Based solely on this information, how would Egypt’s participation in government be
a) confederate
b) oligarchic
c) autocratic
d) democratic

All citizens participate equally in which type of government?
a) oligarchy
b) democracy
c) autocracy
d) theocracy

The primary difference between presidential and parliamentary governmental systems is that in a parliamentary system the chief executive is chosen by the
a) president
b) popular vote
c) legislature
d) judicial branch

In which form of government are citizens free to participate in deciding who runs the country?
a) oligarchic
b) totalitarianism
c) autocratic
d) democratic

Which statement BEST describes the role of citizens in an autocratic system?
a) Citizens can join a variety of political parties.
b) Citizens can challenge government rules in court.
c) Citizens vote in presidential elections.
d) Citizens have no way to limit the power of government.

Israel uses a parliamentary system of government. Citizens participate in elections in which they select members of the national legislature. Which of the following terms BEST describes the government of Israel?
a) oligarchic
b) autocratic
c) presidential
d) democratic

In a unitary government
a) a single leader controls all levels of government.
b) the national constitution protects the rights of local governments.
c) local governments are free to ignore national laws.
d) the central government can limit the power of local governments.

Which of the following is true of a confederate government?
a) The central government has more power than the states.
b) The government is made up of a voluntary association of states.
c) The states must always act together.
d) It is an autocratic form of government.

In Nigeria’s government, power is divided between Central and regional authorities. This is an example of which government type?
a) Confederation
b) Federal
c) Parliamentary
d) Unitary

Which compares an autocratic to a democratic government?
a) Autocratic and democratic governments are the same.
b) Citizens can participate more in democratic governments.
c) Citizens can participate more in autocratic governments.
d) The government has less power in autocratic governments.

Which of the following is true of a presidential democracy?
a) The president cannot veto acts of Congress.
b) The president can only remain in power if his or her political party holds a majority in Congress.
c) The president is more independent of the legislature than in the parliamentary system.
d) The president is selected by members of the cabinet.

In which form of government is power controlled by a select few individuals, rather than the citizens?
a) Oligarchy
b) Monarchy
c) Autocracy
d) Democracy

Which describes a government that distributes power under a unitary system?
a) A group of separate countries or regions agree to join together for specific purposes.
b) Two or more countries form an alliance to make decisions.
c) The citizens of the country elect leaders at multiple levels that make decisions.
d) There is a central authority that makes all major decisions.

In which form of government does the central government hold the most power?
a) Confederation
b) Unitary
c) Federal
d) Democracy

The government in country X has a central power and multiple regional levels with each level being in charge of certain responsibilities. Power is spread out somewhat evenly through the levels. Based on this information, the government in country X
a) Unitary
b) Federal
c) Confederation
d) Anti-Federal

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