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The star the is located almost directly above the North Pole is
a) Polaris
b) Orion
c) Big Dipper
d) Asteroid

The gravitational attraction between Earth and Mars is greatest when
a) Mars is closest to the Sun
b) Mars is farthest from the Sun
c) Mars is visible in the night sky
d) Mars is not visible in the night sky

Earth always spins on it’s..
a) Side
b) Axis
c) Angle
d) Equator

Gravity between two objects INCREASES when
a) The objects are more massive and farther away
b) The objects are more massive and closer together
c) The objects are less massive and farther away
d) The objects are less massive and closer together

If two objects have a large gravitational force, we describe this as
a) Aphelion, with a slower velocity
b) Aphelion, with a faster velocity
c) Perihelion, with a slower velocity
d) Perihelion, with a faster velocity.

The daily motion of the Earth is _____, while its orbit around the Sun is ______
a) Axis, day
b) Day, axis
c) Rotation, revolution
d) Revolution, rotation

What planets make up the gas planets?
a) Earth, Mars, Venus, Mercury
b) Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus
c) Earth, Mars, Saturn, Uranus
d) Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

How many degrees is Earth tilted on its axis?
a) 23.5
b) 52.3
c) 25.3
d) 32.5

North and South are ______________, respectively
a) Longitude and Latitude
b) Latitude and Longitude
c) Capricorn and Cancer
d) Cancer and Capricorn

How does the Sun get its energy?
a) Nuclear Fission
b) Nuclear Fusion
c) Radiation
d) Rotation and Revolution

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