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How can trees prevent erosion?
a) leaves help to shelter insects
b) roots protect the soil from being washed away
c) roots grow through rocks and change their shape
d) branches make shade to help keep the tree cool

How do glaciers change land?
a) They can wear away mountains and leave valleys behind.
b) They stop erosion of land by blocking rivers and streams
c) They warm up the area for plants to live
d) They move very quickly and break everything in their path

What can cause a rock to change colors?
a) air
b) animals
c) water
d) the temperature

What is the major cause of weathering and erosion?
a) wind
b) moving water
c) ice
d) glaciers

What is erosion?
a) when people move
b) when rocks and soil move from one place to another
c) when sediments drop off in a new place
d) a type of pizza

What is sediment?
a) bits of rock, sand and silt caused by the weathering of rocks
b) lava
c) decaying plant or animal material
d) tiny bugs

The process by which small pieces of rocks and soil are carried away to new locations is called _______
a) weathering
b) erosion
c) faults
d) deposition

The process of breaking up rocks on Earth's surface is called _________
a) erosion
b) weathering
c) deposition
d) sediment

What does erosion carry away?
a) wind and rivers
b) lakes and rivers
c) light and sound
d) rocks and soil

Which land forms can rivers create over thousands of years?
a) deserts
b) canyons
c) mountains
d) glaciers

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