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This is when William and Mary took the English throne from James II in a bloodless revolution -
a) English Bill of Rights
b) constitutional monarchy
c) limited government
d) Glorious Revolution

A government that requires obedience to the ruler or group -
a) limited government
b) divine right
c) authoritarian
d) Parliament

This was created in England to limit the monarchy and protect the rights of Parliament and the people -
a) Glorious Revolution
b) English Bill of Rights
c) absolute monarchy
d) authoritarian

This is a cruel and oppressive government or rule -
a) parliament
b) authoritarian
c) tyranny
d) constitution

A group of people that meet together to make laws -
a) tyranny
b) parliament
c) constitution
d) monarchy

What is a monarchy that is ruled by an elected assembly and limited by law?
a) absolute monarchy
b) unlimited government
c) representative democracy
d) constitutional monarchy

What document outlines what a government can and cannot do?
a) constitution
b) social contract
c) Magna Carta
d) Declaration of Independence

What document was England's first step to a limited government?
a) constitution
b) Magna Carta
c) Declaration of Independence
d) social contract

What type of government has a king/queen in total control over its citizens?
a) limited government
b) democracy
c) constitutional monarchy
d) absolute monarchy

What idea did monarchs use to say that God gave them the power to rule?
a) philosophy
b) reason
c) social contract
d) divine right

What type of government allows the ruler to have total control over the citizens?
a) limited government
b) unlimited government
c) democracy
d) constitutional monarchy

What type of government is power restricted by the people?
a) limited government
b) unlimited government
c) absolute monarchy
d) dictatorship

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