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Midpoint is to ________ as green light is to go
a) bisect
b) supplementary
c) plane
d) non-congruent

2 lines form a ______ when they intersect
a) point
b) line
c) plane
d) midpoint

A line
a) has no end
b) stops
c) has 2 endpoints
d) is a location

Vertical angles are
a) congruent
b) not congruent
c) supplementary
d) complementary

2 planes intersect at a
a) line
b) point
c) plane
d) they don't ever intersect

Angle bisectors divide an angle into
a) 2 equal angles
b) 2 non-equal angles
c) 3 angles
d) 3 equal angles

Supplementary angles
a) add to be 180 degrees
b) add to be 180 radians
c) add to be 90 degrees
d) add to be 180 minutes

A line intersects a plane at a
a) point
b) line
c) bisector
d) plane

Congruent means
a) equal
b) not equal
c) 3 non equal parts
d) 2 non equal parts

You say this after someone says thank-you
a) you're welcome
b) whatever
c) please
d) i don't care

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