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Ken needs a catchy name for his new online business. He decides to launch a public contest through his social networking accounts to seek lots of creative ideas for his business name. Which term describes the use of the Internet in this manner?
a) Folksonomy
b) Tagging
c) Social engineering
d) Crowdsourcing

Which service involves allowing a trusted person at a remote location to connect to your computer and view your screen?
a) Blogging
b) Instant messaging
c) Crowdsourcing
d) Windows Remote Assistance

You have joined several Web sites to keep in touch with current friends, reconnect with old friends, and find and contact people with interests similar to your own through people that you already know. What kind of Web sites have you joined?
a) Wiki sites
b) Semantic Web sites
c) Social networking Web sites
d) Web feed services

You periodically access a Web site that encourages users to provide information in a collaborative effort to populate and grow the site. This site is an example of a:
a) Web feed.
b) mashup.
c) folksonomy.
d) wiki.

Which term is used to describe a computer-based method of communication in which users can type and view informal messages sent to one or more recipients, and view the responses immediately?
a) Virtual Network Computing
b) Blogging
c) Instant messaging
d) E-mailing

You have subscribed to and want to start receiving Web feeds from you favorite Web sites. What must you download in order to start receiving the Web feeds?
a) A podcast
b) An SMS gateway
c) An aggregator
d) An XML HTTP Request

Tim is listening to music from an online music provider. He creates a list of his music preferences, and the music service uses his list to suggest additional songs that Tim might like. What is the name of this type of technology?
a) Software as a Service
b) Bit-torrent
c) Crowdsourcing
d) Grid computing

Which of the following can you use to view headlines and updates from your favorite Web sites without the need to open your Web browser or visit any Web sites?
a) Pop-under windows
b) Pop-up windows
c) Proxy servers
d) RSS and Atom

When you sign in to your instant messaging (IM) service, your online status is advertised (or published) to the people on your contacts list. What does this scenario represent?
a) Unified communications
b) Mobile computing
c) Convergence
d) Presencing

Which term is used to describe a collection of personal thoughts posted on a public Web
a) Anonymous FTP
b) Blog
c) Internet journal
d) Newsgroup

For which of the following is the Short Message Service (SMS) communication protocol required?
a) Mobile computing
b) Instant messaging
c) Voice over IP
d) Text messaging

You want to be able to quickly view news headlines without the need to open your Web browser and visit any news Web sites. How can you accomplish your goal?
a) Set up a browser cache.
b) Set up a Web feed.
c) Set up a rendering engine.
d) Set up a proxy server.

What distinguishes instant messaging from e-mail?
a) Instant messages can be sent to contacts whether they are online or not.
b) You do not need access to a network in order to send and receive instant messages.
c) Instant messages can display responses only when you click the Send/Receive button.
d) Instant messages can be sent only to contacts who are currently online.

Unified communications (UC) is a business trend that seeks to:
a) integrate telephony and data technologies.
b) simplify and integrate all forms of communication.
c) convert voice into data packets for transmission over a packet-switched IP network.
d) process a large volume of requests by phone

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