Book A, Ch. 1 Test Review Question Preview (ID: 20789)

The Characteristics Of Living Things And The Necessities Of Life.[print questions]

In the cell membrane, ______________________ molecules form two layers.
a) nucleic acids
b) metabolism
c) phospholipid
d) lipid

When a planarian worm is cut in half, each half develops into a whole worm. This is an example of ______________________ reproduction.
a) asexual
b) homeostasis
c) sexual
d) heredity

Molecules that are sometimes called the blueprints of life are ______________________.
a) phospholipids
b) nucleic acids
c) ATP
d) hemoglobin

Fat is a/an ______________________ that stores energy for an organism.
a) phospholipid
b) protein
c) cell
d) lipid

The passing of traits from one generation to the next is called ______________________.
a) metabolism
b) heredity
c) photosynthesis
d) homeostasis

______________________ is the process by which producers use energy from their surroundings to make their own food.
a) homeostasis
b) cellular respiration
c) photosynthesis
d) decomposition

All of the chemical activities that an organism’s cells perform is called ______________________.
a) ATP
b) protein
c) heredity
d) metabolism

organisms that eat plants
a) phospholipids
b) consumers
c) cells
d) producers

a kind of reproduction in which an offspring shares characteristics of two parents
a) homeostasis
b) asexual
c) mitosis
d) sexual

organisms that make their own food
a) cells
b) producers
c) decomposers
d) bacteria

contain all of the materials necessary for life
a) proteins
b) ATP
c) cells
d) membranes

the maintenance of a stable internal
a) sexual reproduction
b) stimulus
c) metabolism
d) homeostasis

organisms that feed on decaying organisms
a) decomposers
b) stimuli
c) consumers
d) lipids

Which of the following is NOT something that almost all living organisms need to survive?
a) water
b) light
c) food
d) a place to live

A change in an organism's environment that causes the organism to respond
a) reaction
b) enzyme
c) stimulus
d) homeostasis

The molecule that provides energy for cellular processes is
a) DNA
b) protein
c) RNA
d) ATP

The subunits of proteins are
a) amino acids
b) nucleotides
c) sugar molecules
d) enzymes

Organisms store energy in
a) water
b) lipids
c) phospholipids
d) nucleic acids

Which of the following is NOT true of proteins
a) They supply the building blocks needed to repair tissues
b) They are obtained from food
c) They are the main source of energy for cells
d) They are a component of animal horns

Which of the following is not a characteristic of living things
a) they grow and develop
b) they reproduce
c) they have DNA
d) they eat food

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