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The SWBS strategy asks for the following steps in order:
a) 1. Villain of the story 2. Problem the villain makes 3. Main character 4. Main character's solution
b) 1. Main character 2. Goal or desire 3. Problem faced 4. Solution to the problem
c) 1. Main problem or challenge 2. Main character 3. Solution to the problem 4. What they did to fix it
d) None of the options

Our summarizing strategy, 'SWBS,' stands for...
a) Somebody Wanted But So
b) Someone Won't Be Satisfied
c) Somebody Will Be Safe
d) Sometimes We Blame Sudimack

When we annotate with the 'Predict' strategy, we...
a) Restate a confusing meaning in our own words
b) Make an educated guess about what will happen in the text in the future
c) Draw conclusions about what has already happened in the text
d) Describe what has happened so far

When we summarize, we try to...
a) 'Hit the headlines,' or describe the most important ideas in a story, event, or text
b) Describe every detail of a story, event, or text
c) Make up a new ending to a story
d) None of the options

Why is it important to be independent readers?
a) So we can answer our own questions while reading
b) So we can understand texts
c) So we can get ourselves 'unstuck' when reading difficult texts
d) All of the options

When we annotate with the 'Connect' strategy, we...
a) Use our personal experiences and background knowledge to better understand the text
b) Express our thoughts and emotions
c) Ask questions about things that confuse us
d) None of the options

What is the VERY FIRST step when annotating?
a) Write down the correct code
b) Underline (or highlight!) the part of the text that you are annotating
c) Write down the correct sentence starter
d) Re-read the passage four times

We annotate so that we...
a) Can get ourselves 'unstuck' while reading a text
b) Can become independent readers
c) Neither
d) Both

We have learned six different annotation Reading Strategies. All of the below are one of those strategies EXCEPT...
a) R, Respond - 'I think/I feel'
b) C, Connect - 'This reminds me of...'
c) Ex, Explain - 'The author is trying to say that...'
d) Pre, Predict - 'I predict that'

We use the 'Infer' Reading Strategy in order to...
a) Figure what has already happened or what is happening now in the text
b) Figure out what will happen in the future in the text
c) Question something that confuses you
d) Connect with what a character is experiencing

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