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Which of the following elements is found in all organic compounds?
a) Argon
b) Carbon
c) Neon
d) Potassium

Which of the following correctly lists two elements common to most organic compounds?
a) Carbon and oxygen
b) Carbon and potassium
c) Sulfur and oxygen
d) Hydrogen and fluorine

1.Organic compounds can be distinguished from inorganic compounds because organic compounds always -
a) have higher boiling and melting points
b) make up the largest molecules that exist
c) Contain carbon and certain other elements
d) will conduct electricity and be magnetic

2.Which of the following lists of elements includes those commonly found in organic compounds?
a) Copper, iron, zinc and aluminum
b) Neon, helium, argon and zenon
c) Hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and nitrogen
d) Boron, silicon, arsenic and selenium

Which of the following chemicals is an inorganic compound?
a) Tartaric acid (C4H6O6)
b) Octane (C8H18)
c) Phosphotungstic acid (H3PW12O40)
d) Milrinone (C12H9N3O)

Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, has the following chemical structure: (C63H88CoN14O14P) What makes vitamin B12 an organic compound?
a) Vitamin B12 cannot be separated into different elements.
b) Vitamin B12 contains a significant amount of carbon, as well as other elements.
c) Vitamin B12 does not contain sulfur, which is only found in inorganic substances.
d) Vitamin B12 contains oxygen, which is needed by all living organisms.

Ibuprofen is an organic compound that has the following chemical formula: C13H18O2 Why is ibuprofen an organic compound?
a) Ibuprofen is a simple compound found in biotic and abiotic factors.
b) Ibuprofen is produced naturally from minerals combining on Earth's surface.
c) Ibuprofen contains a large amount of carbon and other elements.
d) Ibuprofen contains one oxygen atom for every nine hydrogen atoms.

Farnesol is an organic compound. It has the chemical formula: C15H26O Why is farnesol an organic compound?
a) Farnesol contains a significant amount of nitrogen.
b) Farnesol contains a significant amount of helium
c) Farnesol contains a significant amount of carbon.
d) Farnesol contains a significant amount of oxygen.

Which of the following chemicals is an organic compound?
a) Ammonia (NH3)
b) Selenic acid (H2SeO4)
c) Water (H2O)
d) Alanine (C3H7NO2)

Historically, organic compounds were considered to be compounds that were produced by living organisms. Today, organic compounds are considered to be compounds that —
a) do not contain more than three elements.
b) are not reactive.
c) only take the form of a solid.
d) contain a large amount of carbon in addition to other elements.

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