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What is the purpose of lighting?
a) To set the mood.
b) To light the actor's faces
c) Both A and B.
d) Neither A nor B

Stage directions are from whose point of view?
a) Audience
b) Actor
c) Stage Manager
d) Script

What is the purpose of costumes?
a) To show the time period
b) To light the actors' faces.
c) Cancel Down Left
d) Continue Down Left

What do you call the final rehearsal of a play?
a) Research
b) Dress rehearsal
c) Performance
d) Audition

What is one of the stage manager's jobs?
a) Directs the play.
b) Rehearses the actors.
c) Writes down blocking.
d) Manages the stage.

Also called try-outs.
a) Blocking
b) Auditions
c) Direct
d) Tech Week

The words the actors say.
a) Cast
b) Script
c) Rehearsal Calendar
d) Stage Manager

Which of the following is the technical director NOT in charge of?
a) Lights
b) Sound
c) Costumes
d) Camera

Who is NOT a member of the production team?
a) Actor
b) Director
c) House Manager
d) Stage Manager

What letter is cross abbreviated with?
a) C
b) X
c) S
d) R

What is NOT done during rehearsal?
a) Practicing blocking.
b) Practicing lines.
c) Working on your character.
d) Getting paid.

What is blocking?
a) Manners for the audience.
b) Working together.
c) The actors movement.
d) Stopping someone from moving.

What is NOT included in a script?
a) A list of characters.
b) The words the actors say.
c) Stage directions.
d) A critique of the play.

Who is the playwright?
a) An actor.
b) A director.
c) The author.
d) The stage manager.

Which below is an example of GOOD audience etiquette?
a) Turning off your cell phone.
b) Standing up in the middle of the play.
c) Eating and drinking quietly.
d) Talking loudly.

Which below is NOT an example of a cue?
a) A line that an actor says.
b) Turning off the lights.
c) Slamming a door on stage.
d) The audience clapping at the end of the play.

What is an ensemble?
a) A group of actors.
b) Manners for the audience.
c) When it's time to do something on stage.
d) Moving from one stage area to another.

What is the stage manager's job?
a) plays characters
b) keeps everything running smoothly
c) tells other actors what to do
d) in charge of costumes, lights, etc.

What is a director's job?
a) keeps everything running smoothly
b) in charge of costumes, lights, etc.
c) tells other actors what to do
d) plays characters

What is an actor's job?
a) plays characters
b) tells other actors what to do
c) keeps everything running smoothly
d) in charge of lights, costumes, etc.

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