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A moose drinking from a pond is showing which two spheres interacting?
a) Biosphere and cryosphere
b) Atmosphere and biosphere
c) Biosphere and hydrosphere
d) Atmosphere and cryosphere

The cryosphere is...
a) All liquid water on Earth's surface
b) All of the rocks that make up the Earth
c) All of the frozen water on Earth's surface
d) All of the living parts of Earth

Abiotic and biotic factors can harm each other
a) True
b) False

An abiotic factor is...
a) nonliving
b) living

A biotic factor is...
a) Alive
b) Nonliving

The ___________________ is a mixture of gases.
a) Atmosphere
b) Biosphere
c) Hydrosphere
d) Cryosphere

Animals are part of the
a) Biosphere
b) Hydrosphere
c) Atmosphere
d) Geosphere

The thin part of the geosphere upon which we walk is called the
a) Mantle
b) Inner core
c) Crust
d) Outer core

When the spheres on Earth interact it's called
a) Cooperation
b) Earth's cycles
c) Hydrosphere
d) Sphere Interaction

The geosphere...
a) is all of the rocky parts of Earth
b) is all of the life on Earth
c) is all of the water on earth
d) is all of the gases in the air

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