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The most common type of franchise is:
a) Restaurants
b) Clothing Stores
c) Shoe Stores
d) Jewelry Stores

Marketing is:
a) A very broad topic
b) Can make companies a lot of money
c) Isn't always successful
d) All of the Above

Placing your ad on the internet will...
a) Reach a large number of people
b) Will reach only a few customers
c) Is an out-of-date approach
d) Is very expensive

An example of an intermediary would be
a) Super One
b) Kellogg's
c) Kleenex
d) Danon Yogurt

An example of business to customer would be...
a) Southwest Airlines joining with Delta Airlines
b) Dick's Sporting Goods sending out a coupon book in the mail
c) Target and Super Valu agree to sell the same fruit in their stores.

When you release advertisements to entice customers; you are using which type of advertising?
a) push
b) pull
c) slide
d) drop

An example of business to business promotion would be
a) Chevy offers a discount to customers
b) State Farm performs adjustments on a customer's insurance.
c) Best Buy signs an agreement with the NFL
d) None of the Above

a) includes all commercials
b) shares info
c) costs money
d) all of the above

Public Relations
a) cost money
b) is free
c) can be controlled
d) always hurts a company

Apples' use of iPods, iPhones, iPad Mini's, and all of their different products is using which form of pricing?
a) dynamic
b) product line
c) captive
d) economy

A low quality product for a high price uses...
a) penetration
b) economy
c) skimming
d) premium

A newly built cruise ship would most likely be...
a) penetration
b) economy
c) skimming
d) premium

A toothbrush will most likely be
a) penetration
b) economy
c) skimming
d) premium

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