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Air pollution in the United Kingdom is caused by which of the following?
a) automobile exhaust emissions
b) factory smoke
c) forest fires
d) smog

How is the United Kingdom trying to solve their air pollution problem?
a) not allowing drivers to use gasoline in their cars
b) monitoring air pollution
c) limiting the amout of miles a person can drive
d) closing down factories

After the nuclear power plant exploded in Chernobyl, Ukraine in 1986, what happened in the city of Chernobyl?
a) the government immediately rebuilt the plant
b) the people abandoned the city because radiation levels were unsafe
c) the city experienced an earthquake immediately after the explosion
d) the wildlife in the are was not affected

Which is an effect of acid rain?
a) buildings and statues that look new
b) clean rivers
c) increased automobile manufacturing
d) diseased forests

What causes acid rain?
a) solar power and wind turbines
b) electricity
c) coal burning factories and automible emissions
d) cutting down forests

What steps did the Ukraine government take to make the reactor safe?
a) The reactor was removed
b) They took apart the reactor
c) The reactor was burried in concrete
d) Nuclear power was banned in Ukraine

Why were countries that border Ukraine concerned after the nuclear disaster?
a) They were not able to travel to Ukraine
b) The cost of nuclear power increased
c) People could not visit Ukraine
d) Radioactive material fell on other countries

What effect did the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl have on the environment?
a) Drinking water was unsafe for months
b) forests grew taller and healthier
c) people and animals did not get sick
d) the land was arable to grow crops

In which way does nature play a role in Germany's acid rain problem?
a) asfadfdfsdf
b) Car emissions cause acid rain
c) Many buildings and statues are being destroyed
d) asfsdgsgsgsdg

What is acid rain
a) finish
b) making
c) the
d) test

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