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What is a characteristic of unlimited government
a) multi party elections
b) protecting human rights
c) One party rule ( One person rule)
d) free speech

What type of government does United States have?
a) free choice
b) unlimited
c) limited

What is a characteristics of unlimited government?
a) leaders have some power
b) People have power
c) citizens have few rights

In a Constitutional Monarchy how much power does a king/queen usually hold?
a) very little
b) a whole lot

What type economy does unlimited government have?
a) Free enterprise
b) Market
c) Command
d) Mixed

Who of the following leaders is a dictator?
a) Obama
b) Queen Elizabeth
c) Hitler
d) Sponge Bob

What can a parliament be compared to in an America society?
a) Senate
b) Governor
c) Mayor
d) President

A communist state like (CUBA) limited or unlimited?
a) Unlimited
b) Limited
c) Free Choice
d) Disney Land

Which of the following is an example of unlimited government?
a) Mexico
b) Canada
c) North Korea
d) Turkey

Which of the following is the primary reason to limit a government?
a) to provide public education
b) to ensure economic equality
c) to allow for control of the press
d) to prevent violation of rights

In many limited governments the individual rights are detailed in a ___________
a) Declaration of Independence
b) Constitution
c) political party platform
d) federal legal code

Which of the of following is limited in a limited governments
a) The rights of citizens
b) power of leaders
c) number of elections
d) the influence of political parties

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