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Can You Tell The Difference Between Limited And Unlimited Government?[print questions]

In many limited governments, the individual rights of the people are detailed in a...
a) constitution
b) federal legal code
c) political party platform
d) declaration of independence

Which of the following is an example of an unlimited government?
a) Turkey
b) Canada
c) Mexico
d) North Korea

Which of the following is limited in a limited government?
a) the power of leaders
b) the rights of citizens
c) the number of elections
d) the influence of political parties

Which of the following is a primary reason for limiting the power of a government?
a) to provide public education
b) to ensure economic equality
c) to allow for control of the press
d) to prevent a violation of rights

Is a Communist State (like Cuba) limited or unlimited?
a) limited
b) unlimited

Who of the following leaders was/is known as a dictator?
a) Queen Elizabeth
b) Adolf Hitler
c) Barack Obama
d) King Triton

What can a Parliament be compared to in American society?
a) Governor
b) President
c) Senate
d) Mayor

Which of the following characteristics is likely to be found in an unlimited government?
a) the leaders have SOME power
b) citizens have FEW rights
c) people have decision-making power
d) fair elections are held

In a Constitutional Monarchy, how much power does the King/Queen usually hold?
a) very little
b) most

Which type of economy does a country with unlimited government have?
a) free enterprise
b) market
c) command
d) mixed

Which of the countries below is the birthplace of ISIS and home to President Bashar al Assad?
a) Pakistan
b) Afghanistan
c) Syria
d) Iran

Which type of government does the United States have?
a) Direct Democracy
b) Representative Democracy
c) Constitutional Monarchy
d) Absolute Monarchy

Which of the following is likely to be found in an unlimited government?
a) multi-party elections
b) protection of human rights
c) one-party rule
d) free speech

North America is unified as a culture region because of their...
a) limited government
b) unlimited government

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