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How have Europeans worked to solve the problem of having so many languages on their continent?
a) They have outlawed languages that are only spoken by a small group of people.
b) They don't trade with people that don't speak the same language.
c) They made English the only offical language.
d) They require students to learn more than one language.

What was the language of the ancient Roman Empire?
a) Latin
b) Russian and Polish
c) English, German, and Dutch
d) French, Italian, and Spanish

Which language(s) are considered Romance Languages?
a) English, German, and Dutch
b) French, Italian, and Spanish
c) Russian and Polish
d) English, French, and Russian

Which language is considered a Slavic language?
a) English
b) German
c) Russian
d) French

What European language has the most native speakers?
a) French
b) Russian
c) English
d) German

What group of people are less likely to learn a new language?
a) women
b) men
c) older citizens
d) young students

What is a problem caused by so many languages spoken in just one country?
a) There's no problems.
b) Students hate learning other languages.
c) It is hard to read official forms. (papers)
d) Children can't talk to their parents.

How is the Russian language different from other languages?
a) People only speak it in Asia.
b) It is not spoken by many people.
c) It is not an official language of the European Union.
d) It is the offical language of Poland.

Which language is considered part of the Germanic language family?
a) English
b) French
c) Russian
d) Italian

Which language uses the Cyrillic alphabet?
a) Italian
b) French
c) Russian
d) German

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