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One way that Renaissance artists reflected the new ideas of humanism was by painting
a) well-known people of the day
b) scenes that appeared two-dimensional
c) stylized rather than realistic people
d) large, Gothic style buildings

Anabaptists believed that infants should not be baptized because
a) infants are too young to accepts the Christian faith
b) people are sinners from the moment they are born
c) God has already determined who will gain salvation
d) children must confess their sins before being baptized

What common subject of the northern Renaissance did Albrecht Durer's engravings portray?
a) Religious upheaval
b) scenes of peasant life
c) realistic portraits of women
d) nature

The pope set up the Council of Trent to
a) Direct the reform of the Catholic Church
b) translate the Bible into the vernacular
c) fight Protestantism by rooting out heresy
d) none of the above

The city of Geneva became a model of Protestant morality under its learder
a) John Calvin
b) Ulrich Zwingli
c) Martin Luther
d) The Pope

As a result of the Peace of Augsburg in 1555
a) each German prince could decide the religion for his lands
b) the Catholic Church made a series of reforms
c) Martin Luther was excommunicated from the Catholic Church
d) There was to be no more religion in Europe

The northern Renaissance began in the thriving trading region of
a) Flanders
b) Rome
c) Florence
d) Seattle

One way that Renaissance artists reflected the new ideas of humanism was by painting
a) large, Gothic-style buildings
b) stylized rather than realistic peole
c) well-known people of the day
d) they weren't actual painters

Those who believe in (blank) think that God has already decided who will be saved.
a) Predestination
b) Heaven
c) God
d) Religion

When a Protestant group broke away from the Catholic Church, it became a religious
a) Sect
b) theocracy
c) Flanders
d) Church

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