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All of the following are physical features of the Great Plains EXCEPT:
a) Large Dense Forests
b) Flat Lands that rise gradually from east to west
c) Frequent Dust Storms
d) Low Rainfall

Who went west looking for a new beginning?
a) Farmers
b) Former Slaves
c) Former Military Men
d) Immigrants

Which of the following was not a reason for moving west?
a) Opportunities to own land
b) Adventure
c) Technological advances such as the rail road
d) Religious Freedom

It was discovered which brought many new settlers to the west in search of instant wealth.
a) Gold
b) Copper
c) Oil
d) Money

Which of the following is not an adaptation that helped settle the Great Plains?
a) Barbed wire
b) Cotton Gin
c) Sod House
d) Rail Road

This adaptation gave farmers a crop that would grow well in the dry climate of the Great Plains.
a) Wheat
b) Corn
c) Potatoes
d) Barley

This was used to pump water up from the ground.
a) Pump
b) Well
c) Windmill
d) Engine

This was the single most important invention that helped settle the west.
a) Transcontinental Railroad
b) Barbed Wire
c) Sod House
d) Windmill

This allowed Farmers to cut through the hard sod of the great plains.
a) Steel Plow
b) Iron Horse
c) Dynamite
d) Shovel

Beef cattle was perfect to raise on the Great Plains because of all the open land, but with the invention of the __________, ranchers were forced to alter their routes and even stop cattle ranches.
a) Windmill
b) Tanks
c) Barbed Wire
d) Rail Roads

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