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The _______________ is the numerical average of a set of data.
a) mean
b) median
c) mode
d) range

The abreviation for liters is
a) L
b) l
c) lit
d) lts

The tool used to measure temperature is the
a) thermometer
b) triple beam balance
c) meter stick
d) graduated cylinder

A set of data contains the following numbers: 24, 23, 24, 25, 27, 24, 25. What is the mode?
a) 24
b) 23
c) 27
d) 25

If the data points on a line graph are in a straight line, it is said to be
a) linear
b) nonlinear
c) x axis
d) y axis

The independent variable on a line graph lies on the ______ axis.
a) x
b) y
c) z
d) q

The standard system of measurement for scientists is
a) Internation System of Units (SI)
b) Modern system
c) English system
d) scientific system

What does it mean if a graph shows no identifiable trends?
a) There is no clear relationship between variables, therefore it is nonlinear
b) There is a strong relationship between the variables, therefore it is linear.
c) There are more than 2 variables
d) The graph is useless.

The density of an object is
a) its mass divided by volume
b) volume divided by mass
c) mass divided length
d) mass multiplied by volume

When scientists cannot obtain exact numbers, they often rely on a(n)
a) estimate
b) another scientist's numbers
c) a wild guess
d) a precise calculation

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