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The most signifant geographic feature that has impacted trade within Europe is
a) many navigatible rivers.
b) port cities in the Atlantic Ocean.
c) the wide variety of climates.
d) the mountainous regons.

Most of Russia's population is concentrated in
a) western cities
b) eastern cities
c) northern cities
d) central suburbs.

Europe's vast coastline and inland river system have had the GREATEST impact on
a) the continents banking and investing industries
b) the continents technological industries.
c) the continents fishing and shipping industries.
d) the continents farming (agricultural) and mining industries.

What geographic feature is an obstacle for Italian merchant to trade with countries north of Italy?
a) the Pyrenees Mountains
b) the Mediterranean Sea
c) the Apennine Mountains
d) the Alps Mountains

Why are not more of Russia's natural resources not harvested and used?
a) There is a lack of trained workers.
b) The harsh climate found in Russia limits trade.
c) The government has opened trade with most countries.
d) People in the world have little need for the goods produced.

Italy's Mediterrean climateand arable land is best suted for
a) growing grapes to make wines.
b) producing natural gas.
c) mining marble and granite.
d) fising boats that add to their fishi8ng industry.

London and St. Petersburg are similar in that they
a) Both are capitals.
b) Both have ocean ports.
c) Both are centers for trade.
d) Both are the largest city in their respective countries.

Which natural resource is found in the United Kingdom, Russia, and Germany?
a) coal
b) forests
c) gold
d) hydroelectric power

In what way are the ports of the United Kingdom and Russia different?
a) The United Kingdom's ports are subtropical, and Russia's ports have a mild climate.
b) There is no difference in port cities of the countries.
c) The United Kingdom has many port cities, but Russia has none.
d) The ports of the United Kingdom are open all year, while Russia's ports are closed some part os the year.

What causes the United Kingdom to have a usually mild climate?
a) A small amount of snowfall
b) The mountains in the southeast
c) The Gulf Stream
d) The many mountain peaks

A climate such as that found in Italy, with sunny dry summers and relatively mild temperatures all year are considered
a) subtropical
b) Mediterranean
c) tundra
d) tropical

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