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How old was the old lady?
a) 75
b) 80
c) 85
d) The book does not say

Who is the Author of this book?
a) Simms Taback
b) Judy Blume
c) Jan Berenstain
d) Felicia Bond

What was the author's purpose for writing this novel
a) To teach the reader about animals
b) To learn about what happens if you eat animals
c) To make the reader laugh and learn rhymes
d) To make the reader scared of old people

What was the first animal the old lady swallowed
a) fly
b) horse
c) spider
d) cat

What genre is the book?
a) Fiction
b) Non-Fiction
c) Biography
d) Autobiography

Everything the old lady ate were
a) Flowers
b) Vegetables
c) Fruits
d) Animals

How many animals did the old lady eat before she died?
a) 4
b) 7
c) 3
d) 6

Which animal killed the old lady?
a) Spider
b) Horse
c) Cow
d) Dog

What happened to the old lady in the end of the book?
a) She died.
b) She ate more animals.
c) She went for a walk.
d) She went to the movies.

Which of the following did the old lady not swallow?
a) Fly
b) Spider
c) Pig
d) Bird

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