Plants-Structure And Organization Question Preview (ID: 20725)


The site of attachment of a leaf on a stem is called
a) an attachment
b) a node
c) an internode
d) a meristem

To determine if a leaf is simple or compound look for the
a) leaf arrangement on the stem
b) the number of leaf blades
c) the axillary bud
d) the meristem

A monocot has vascular bundles in its stem arranged
a) in a ring
b) in a network
c) in a central cylinder
d) scattered in the stem

A dicot has flower parts in
a) multiples of 4 or 5
b) multiples of 3
c) a triangular pattern
d) indistinct arrangement.

The tissue that transports nutrients through the plant is the
a) ground tissue
b) epidermal tissue
c) xylem
d) phloem

Xylem is made up of tracheids and
a) seive-tube members
b) vessel elements
c) companion cells
d) pericycle

In roots, the tissue layer that contains the Casparian strip is the
a) epidermis
b) cortex
c) endodermis
d) vascular tissue

Primary growth of a stem is
a) growth in width of a stem
b) growth in length of a stem
c) production of leaves
d) production of roots

The wood in woody stem consists of
a) cork
b) phloem
c) cambium
d) xylem

The guard cells around a stoma act to
a) protect the leaf from insect invaders
b) regulate the amount of light reaching the photosynthetic cells
c) control the amount of water taken up by the leaf
d) control the opening and closing of the stoma

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