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Which of the following is not one of the evolutionary events that led to the plants of today?
a) multicellular embryo protected in the female portion of the plant.
b) vascular tissue
c) seeds
d) gymnosperms

The archegonium is
a) a xylem cell
b) the male gametophyte
c) another name for a spore
d) the female gametophyte

Alternation of generations means
a) that plants can only reproduce in every other generation.
b) plants alternate between two multicellular organisms where each produces the other.
c) only females are produced in one generation and only males in the next.
d) plants can produce both male and female plants.

The male gametophyte is the
a) antheridium
b) archegonium
c) spore
d) egg

The sporophyte generation is
a) dominant in mosses
b) haploid
c) diploid
d) microscopic in angiosperms

A sporangium
a) produces spores
b) produces eggs
c) produces sperm
d) produces gametes

The gametophyte of a fern is called
a) an antheridium
b) a prothallus
c) an archegonium
d) a sorus

The sporangia of ferns are contained in the
a) sori
b) prothallus
c) archegonia
d) antheridia

The microspore of pines develops into
a) zygotes
b) pollen grains
c) seed cones
d) ovules

During double fertilization one sperm joins with the egg and the other sperm joins with the polar nuclei to produce
a) the zygote
b) the embryo
c) the seed
d) the endosperm

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