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All vertebrates share what trait?
a) bilateral symmetry
b) laying eggs
c) metamorphosis
d) a backbone

Fish are divided into how many groups?
a) one
b) four
c) three
d) two

Fish, amphibians, and reptiles all
a) lay eggs
b) both A and B
c) give birth to live young
d) are cold-blooded

What is the term used to describe cold blooded animals?
a) vertebrates
b) hypothermic
c) ectothermic
d) endothermic

The name amphibian means:
a) double life
b) green cells
c) born in water
d) low temperature

Mammals do not lay eggs:
a) true
b) false
c) only the marsupials do
d) only the monotremes do

The group of mammals that give birth to tiny under-developed young are the:
a) placentals
b) monotremes
c) marsupials
d) crustaceans

Birds' feathers are used to:
a) fly
b) stay warm
c) always A and B
d) usually A and B

Birds and mammals are more alike than other vertebrates because they:
a) live on land
b) have lungs
c) are warm-blooded
d) are cold-blooded

There are how many kinds of reptiles?
a) one
b) two
c) three
d) four

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