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Living things adjust to a stimulus by a reaction called a ___________.
a) Response
b) Adaptation
c) Instinct
d) Reaction

All living things ______________ to make more living things.
a) are happy
b) adapt
c) reproduce
d) replicate

The steps commonly used by scientists in gathering information to test hypotheses and solve problems are called __________.
a) Conclusions
b) Experiment
c) Evaluation
d) Scientific Method

A testable explanation for a question or problem is a(n):
a) Conclusion
b) Explanation
c) Problem
d) Hypothesis

Sea stars live in saltwater ecosystems. Some species live in shallow tide pools, while others live in the deepest parts of the oceans. This is a description of the ________ of the sea stars.
a) Niche
b) Habitat
c) House
d) Ecosystem

Cougars are predators that often eat weakened or diseased animals. This is a description of the ______ of the cougars.
a) Decomposers
b) Heterotroph
c) Predator
d) Niche

Biodiversity is __________
a) Having the most different number of organisms
d) Having the largest number of organisms

Water dissolves many ionic and molecular compounds because of its ____________.
a) Clear color
b) Polarity
c) Osmosis
d) Wetness

The various enzymes in our bodies are _________.
a) Proteins
b) Nucleic Acids
c) Lipids
d) Carbohydrates

How do glucose and fructose, who have the same molecular formula, differ?
a) Different Structure
c) They are exactly the same
d) Different Origin

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