Science And The Environment Question Preview (ID: 20695)

Review Questions About The Notes We Took.

What is environmental science?
a) The study of chemicals.
b) The study of how humans interact with their environment.
c) The study of life.
d) The study of physical objects.

What is an example of a renewable resource?
a) oil
b) sunlight
c) coal
d) minerals

An example of a nonrenewable resource
a) Oil
b) Sunlight
c) Wind
d) Waves

About how many humans are on our planet?
a) 1 million
b) less than 5 million
c) less than 1 billion
d) more than 7 billion

Define ecological footprint.
a) The environmental impact of person or population
b) It's only about the amount of carbon dioxide you release into the air.
c) It's only about the amount of nonrenewable resources we have left.
d) It's only about how many humans are on Earth.

True or False: All ecological footprints are the same for every country.
a) False
b) True

About how much of our planet's surface is being used for agriculture?
a) nearly 75%
b) nearly 100%
c) nearly 50%
d) nearly 25%

What are humans doing to climate?
a) Melting glaciers
b) Rising sea levels
c) Impacted wildlife and crops
d) All of these are correct

What is biodiversity?
a) The diversity of life on our planet.
b) How many pandas we have left.
c) How many insects we have.
d) How many vertebrates are left.

Will fossil fuels run out soon?
a) yes
b) no
c) we don't really know

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