Environmental Science Chapter 1 Vocab Part 1 Question Preview (ID: 20694)

Environmental Science Chapter 1 Vocab Part 1.[print questions]

A synonym of the word diversity would be _______________.
a) similar
b) variety
c) alike

Ecosystems are _________________.
a) all living things in an environment.
b) all non-living things in an environment.
c) all living and non-living things in an environment.

What is a sustainable society?
a) When a society's needs are met and resources are preserved for future generations.
b) When a society destroys its natural resources.
c) When a society can sustain itself by destroying ecosystems.

True of False: Farming does not harm the environment.
a) True
b) False

True or False: According to most scientists humans have been on Earth since the beginning of time.
a) True
b) False

The environment where an animal lives is called their ___________ .
a) food chain
b) home
c) habitat
d) biome

The period in history when humans started raising animals and farming.
a) The industrial revolution
b) The architectural revolution
c) The agricultural revolution

How did the industrial revolution affect the environment?
a) Animals increased in population.
b) Pollution of the air and water systems increased.
c) Pollution decreased.

_____________ are the basic units of life.
a) Organs
b) Organisms
c) Proteins
d) Cells

All organisms need these three things to survive.
a) Water, oxygen, energy
b) Vitamins, water, light
c) Light, Oxygen, Food

Oxygen can _________ in water. Organisms that live in water also require oxygen.
a) float
b) dissolve
c) come together

Energy is ___________________________.
a) only generated by electrical power plants..
b) the amount of force produced
c) the ability to do work.

A time in history when people began to start using machines to machines to make food and other products.
a) The agricultural revolution
b) The industrial revolution
c) The American Revolution
d) The machine revolution

People who moved place to place frequently were called __________.
a) hunter gatherers
b) settlers
c) farmers

Pesticides are used to ____________ pests.
a) harm
b) help
c) produce

_______________ consists of the languages, religions, customs, arts, and dress of a people
a) Environment
b) Customs
c) Culture

Wangari Maathai is a biologist who _________________________
a) studied the effects of acid rain.
b) studied the pollution of air in Africa.
c) planted trees throughout Africa to help prevent soil from washing away.

A living thing is called an _______________.
a) Environment
b) Organism
c) Oxygen
d) Built Environment

Things which humans have created such as roads and buildings are part of the __________ ________________.
a) Natural Environment
b) Built Environment
c) mother nature.

A material that is found in nature which is useful to humans is called a __________ _____________. Example : oil
a) natural environment
b) natural resource
c) built environment
d) applied science

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