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The two most common 2D graphic file formats used on the web are?
a) GIF and JPG
b) GIF and BMP
c) JPG and BMP
d) JPG and TIF

What is the standard dpi for a graphic that is to be used in an electronic format?
a) 48 dpi
b) 72 dpi
c) 200 dpi
d) 600 dpi

What is the main disadvantage to using a raster/bitmap type graphic?
a) They can only use 265 colors
b) They cannot be enlarged greatly without degradation to the image.
c) They are more photo-realistic then vector images
d) There are no real disadvantages to using bitmap graphics.

A disadvantage of using vector graphics would include?
a) They can't be enlarged without degradation.
b) They can only utilize 16 colors.
c) They are not photo-realistic.
d) They have large file sizes.

They have large file sizes.
a) GIF
b) JPG
d) WAV

Producing photo-realistic images and the ability to use millions of colors in an image is an advantage of?
a) Vector based graphics
b) Raster based graphics
c) In-line illustrations
d) Framing graphics

The maximum number of colors that a GIF file can display is?
a) 16
b) 256
c) 65,000
d) Millions

How many colors can a 1-bit graphic utilize?
a) 2
b) 256
c) 16
d) 65,000

2D graphics typically are in one of the two following formats?
a) Bitmap/Raster and Vector
b) Bitmap/Raster and Text
c) Text and Vector
d) Bitmap/Raser and Pixel

Another term for Bitmap graphic is?
a) Text
b) 3D Graphic
c) Vector Graphic
d) Raster Graphic

Which of the following graphics consist of mathematically defined lines, curves and shapes?
a) Text
b) Scanned
c) Vector
d) Bitmap/Raster

Resolution refers to the?
a) color of the images.
b) size of the image.
c) shape of the image.
d) sharpness and clarity of an image.

The higher the resolution of an image, the larger the size.
a) True
b) False
c) .
d) .

The resolution of an image is defined by?
a) DPI
b) JPG
c) GIF
d) AVI

DPI means?
a) Dots Per Increment
b) Dots Per Inch
c) Dithers Per Inch
d) Dithers Per Increment

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