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To underrate something is to
a) consider something to be highly valuable
b) exaggerate the worth of an object
c) place too low a value on something
d) to overestimate someone's abilities

Garrulous means
a) inattentive
b) talkative
c) quiet
d) withdrawn

The definition of aesthetic is
a) the study of beauty in art and nature
b) the study of medicine
c) the ability to apply anesthesia properly during surgery
d) licensed to practice medicine

What is disillusionment?
a) freedom from illusions
b) encouraged
c) enchanted
d) enthusiastic

Jauntily means
a) quickly
b) carefree
c) burdened
d) carefully

To work assiduously means to
a) work periodically on something
b) to work diligently on something
c) to work in a haphazard manner
d) to work sporadically on something

A charade is
a) a game
b) a song
c) a love poem
d) a poem that tells a story

A lavatory is a
a) living room
b) bathroom
c) study
d) place where experiments are performed

Something contemporary is
a) temporary
b) traditional
c) modern
d) permanent

Demobilization means
a) recalling of troops
b) moving to a new apartment
c) refusing to move to another address
d) being exiled from one's home country

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