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What does SWBS stand for?
a) Somebody Waited But Stayed
b) Somebody Wanted But So
c) Summaries Work But Stink
d) Summaries Want But So

What is the purpose of a summary?
a) To give a lot of detail about what happened in an event, story, or text.
b) To personally connect with a text.
c) To 'hit the headlines' of, or tell the most important points of an event, story, or text.
d) None of the above

The 'Somebody' of SWBS asks for you to name...
a) ...any character involved in the text
b) ...the person who is creating the problem or challenge in the text
c) ...the main character of the text
d) ...the minor character in the text

What do you do when you 'Respond' to a text?
a) Express the thoughts or emotions that the text or story makes you have, to help you better understand its meaning
b) Draw conclusions about the meaning of a text and infer what a confusing passage means
c) Judge the text for how good or bad you think it is
d) Use your personal experiences and background knowledge to relate to a character or situation

What do you do when you 'Connect' with a text?
a) Use your background knowledge to predict what is going to happen next in the text or story
b) Only relate it to your own personal experience so you can find something you have in common with a character
c) Express your thoughts or emotions
d) Relate it to your own life or your own background knowledge in order to better understand the deeper meaning

Why do we use Reading Strategies to annotate?
a) To help get ourselves 'unstuck' when we are reading a difficult text
b) To help us become independent readers who can understand texts on our own without help
c) Neither
d) Both 1 and 2

What does the 'B' stand for in SWBS, and what does it ask for?
a) B = Before; It asks for the person summarizing to tell what's going on before a problem comes up
b) B = But; It asks for the person summarizing to detail the solution to the problem in the story
c) B = But; It asks for the person summarizing to detail the problem or challenge the main character faces
d) B = Beeman; it asks for you to pretend to be Ms. Beeman and write a summary that is super excellent

The 'Question' Reading Strategy helps you become a better independent reader because it...
a) Lets you ask someone else questions that you need answered
b) Helps you identify when you're confused
c) Helps you figure out what you need to do to get less confused
d) Both 2 and 3

The first step when you annotate is to...
a) Underline the passage or section you're going to annotate
b) Writing the code of your annotation
c) Explaining the annotation using the sentence starter
d) Talking about the annotation with a partner

What is the difference between the 'Restate' Reading Strategy and summarizing?
a) 'Restate' = to tell the most important points or main idea. To summarize = to tell the meaning of a passage in your words.
b) 'Restate' = to tell the meaning of a passage in your words. To summarize = to tell the most important points or main idea
c) 'Restate' = to give your opinion. To summarize = to give the author's purpose in writing a passage
d) 'Restate' = to guess at the author's purpose in writing a passage. To summarize = to guess at the audience's reaction

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