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______________ is the general term for applications that are provided completely free of charge, with no license fees or restrictions, and no copyrights to worry about.
a) Open source software
b) Shareware
c) Operating systems
d) Apps

Software applications are often bundled into packages called
a) Suites
b) Apps
c) Systems
d) Processors

Today, an average desktop or laptop PC might have a hard drive that holds
a) 500 Bytes
b) 500 Kilobytes
c) 500 Megabytes
d) 500 Gigabytes

Identify the 4 segments of the information processing cycle.
a) import, drag, store, print
b) input, print, output, server
c) input, processing, output, storage
d) import, server, print, online

The Internet is the same as the World Wide Web.
a) True
b) False

What type of device is a keyboard?
a) input
b) output

What type of device is a printer?
a) output
b) input

Which part of the computer is considered to be the brains of the computer?
a) Motherboard
b) CPU
c) Monitor
d) RAM

The smallest unit of data a computer can understand is called a _______. (Hint: 1 or 0)
a) bit
b) byte
c) kilobyte
d) megabyte

____________ are the computer workstations that run various applications off of a shared server.
a) Clients
b) Servers
c) Browsers
d) Internets

What are peripherals?
a) any piece of hardware attached to the computer
b) pixels displayed through the monitor
c) any type of software installed on the computer
d) saved data files

The term hardware refers to
a) the operating system
b) a computer program
c) physical parts of the computer
d) difficult gaming apps

Software programs that are used to access and display web pages are called
a) web browsers
b) search engines
c) web sites
d) web utilities

A ________________ performs the calculations in a computer.
a) processor chip
b) motherboard
c) harddrive
d) power supply unit

______________ are the hardware that provides the workspace for the data and instructions the computer is processing.
a) Pixels
b) Memory chips
c) Motherboard
d) Gigabytes

The ___________ is a container for the computer’s CPU and RAM, and contains slots for adding expansion cards.
a) motherboard
b) ROM
c) power supply unit
d) heat sink

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