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What is an example of a bad question?
a) Why does the Earth orbit the Sun?
b) What would happen if you used fertilizer on a plant?
c) What tastes better Coke or Pepsi?
d) What causes the ocean tides?

What is an example of a good question?
a) What would happen to a puddle after a rainstorm on a hot sunny day?
b) What happened when you were a child?
c) Why do we have lunch at 12:37?
d) Can I build a volcano?

Why is it important to research your question?
a) So that you can find the answer and not do the experiment.
b) It is not important to do any research
c) So you can copy someone else's hypothesis.
d) To see what information has already been discovered.

Do you have to use full sentences when writing our your research
a) Yes, because you might copy something wrong.
b) Yes, because that is how you are supposed to do the research.
c) No, It is easier to write words and phrases to collect information.
d) No, you shouldn't do any research before the experiment.

Where is a place you should not look for research
a) A younger brother or sister.
b) The library
c) A scientist
d) The internet

What is a hypothesis?
a) An educated guess you make AFTER you do research
b) A random guess that you know nothing about
c) A guess that you come up with in a group of friends.
d) A guess that your teacher tells you

What is a statement of why the experiment is being completed?
a) The experiment
b) The purpose
c) The hypothesis
d) The procedure

When should you write your hypothesis?
a) After you complete the research
b) Before you complete the research
c) At the end of the experiment
d) Before you write the question

Give a hypothesis for an experiment of what would happen to a puddle on a hot day.
a) Nothing
b) The puddle will get bigger
c) The puddle will disappear
d) The puddle will evaporate

What are the step by step directions in an experiment called?
a) The question
b) The hypothesis
c) The procedure
d) The experiment

What are the items needed for an experiment called?
a) The stuff
b) The materials
c) Liquids
d) Solids

Should the results of the experiment include your opinion?
a) Yes, you always need to include your opinion.
b) No, it should only include the data collected from the experiment.

What is a good way to display your data?
a) A picture of the steps
b) You should never display your data
c) Tables and graphs
d) A long paragraph with all of the details

What is a conclusion?
a) The first step of an experiment
b) To see if the hypothesis matched the data collected.
c) What you need to do before you make a question
d) The supplies that you need for the experiment.

Is a conclusion always going to match the hypothesis?
a) No
b) Yes

What do you call the outcome of your experiment?
a) The results
b) The conclusion
c) The experiment
d) The hypothesis

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