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Tool used to measure mass.
a) graduated cylinder
b) meter stick
c) triple beam balance
d) beaker

The amount of matter in an object.
a) Volume
b) Mass
c) Density
d) Temperature

Tool used to measure wind speed.
a) barometer
b) hydrometer
c) thermometer
d) anemometer

Unit used to measure volume of a liquid.
a) cm
b) mL
c) g
d) kg

A tool used to measure temperature.
a) hydrometer
b) thermometer
c) anemometer
d) barometer

A tool used to measure volume using the displacement method.
a) beaker
b) triple beam balance
c) graduated cylinder
d) meter stick

A tool used to measure volume using the formula method.
a) meter stick
b) anemometer
c) hydrometer
d) secchi disk

A tool used to measure turbidity.
a) anemometer
b) hydrometer
c) depth line
d) secchi disk

Tool used to collect a sample of sand to see if the river is healthy.
a) plankton net
b) bottom grab
c) hydrometer
d) parallel ruler

Toolsused to measure the salinity of water.
a) hydrometer and thermometer
b) thermometer and meter stick
c) hydrometer and anemometer
d) anemometer and a thermometer

A tool used to measure how deep the water is.
a) sieve
b) hydrometer
c) secchi disk
d) depth line

A map used by boaters.
a) map
b) microscope
c) chart
d) compass

A tool used to view microscopic organisms.
a) binoculars
b) microscope
c) telescope
d) anemometer

A tool used to determine latitude and longitude.
a) chart
b) map
c) GPS (Global Positioning System)
d) meter stick

A tool used to capture microscopic organisms
a) plankton net
b) secchi disk
c) hydrometer
d) bottom grab

The unit for length.
a) cm
b) g
c) mL
d) kg

The unit for mass.
a) cm
b) g
c) mL
d) mm

The internationally accepted system for measurement.
a) miles
b) inches
c) Standand system of units
d) International system of units

Number of centimeters in a meter.
a) 36 inches
b) 36 centimeters
c) 100 cm
d) 100 inches

The amount of space taken up.
a) Mass
b) Density
c) Temperature
d) Volume

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