B-4.5 Meiosis Question Preview (ID: 2067)

Recognize The Steps Of Meiosis,recall Major Events Of The Steps, Recall The Significance Of Meiosis In Reproduction, Compare Mitosis And Meiosis.

What is the name of the process that results in daughter cells with 1/2 the number of chromosomes as the parent cell?
a) meiosis
b) mitosis
c) cytokinesis
d) interphase

If gametes were produced by mitosis, the zygote formed from their union would
a) have twice the number of chromosomes as the parent's body cells.
b) have 1/2 the number of chromosomes as the parent's body cells.
c) have the same the number of chromosomes as the parent's body cells.
d) have 4 times the number of chromosomes as the parent's body cells.

If the haploid number of chromosomes for a buffalo is 30, the number of chromosomes in an egg will be
a) 30
b) 60
c) 15
d) 45

The division that reduces chromosome number by 1/2 occurs during
a) Meiosis I
b) Meiosis II
c) Interphase
d) Mitosis

One difference between meiosis I and mitosis is
a) homologous chromosomes pair up at the metaphase plate
b) the nuclear membrane never disappears during meiosis
c) centromeres do not split during mitosis
d) crossing-over occurs only during prophase I of mitosis

At the end of meiosis I, chromosome number is
a) haploid
b) diploid
c) unchanged
d) doubled

Gametes are
a) sex cells; eggs or sperm
b) regular body cells
c) diploid
d) the same as zygotes

When an egg and a sperm unite, what is formed?
a) a diploid zygote
b) a haploid zygote
c) an ovum
d) pollen

a) results in new combinations of genetic material
b) is dangerous to the species and corrected by special enzymes
c) is a very rare event
d) occurs during metaphase II of meiosis

One difference between asexual and sexual reproduction is
a) sexual reproduction requires egg and sperm
b) asexual reproduction requires two parents
c) sexual reproduction introduces less genetic variation into the species
d) asexual reproduction produces offspring with new combinations of traits

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