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9. What was the other name given to Thomas Becket?
a) a) The priest
b) b) The friar
c) c) The blissful druid
d) d) The holy blissful martyr

8. What was the reason why Thomas Becket died?
a) a) Because, he was killed by the four knights of King Harold when he didn't obey its command.
b) b) Because, he was killed by the pilgrims.
c) c) Because, he was powerful.
d) d) Because there were some people who was envy of him.

7. How did this tales started?
a) a) It was started when the different people in the society met in the street.
b) b) It was started when the pilgrims visited St. Thomas shrine.
c) c) It was started when the narrator announced that the person who will tell his story can get his free meal in Bailey’s taver
d) d) It was started when Geoffrey Chaucer first tell his story.

5. What is this one of the book that changed the world, mostly England?
a) a) Canterbury tales
b) b) Bible
c) c) The book of the dead
d) d) The Scarlet Letter

6. Why this book is became one of the books that changed the world?
a) a) Because, it reflects what kind of life England has in the present.
b) b) Because, it crumbled the social system of that time and it showed that that social system is not powerful.
c) c) Because, it was done by Geoffrey Chaucer.
d) d) Because, it tells about the tale of different people in society.

4. What is this series of war or “holy war” that waged in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries by Christian Europe against the followers of Muhammad, with Jerusalem and the holy land as a prize?
a) a) Civil war
b) b) World war
c) c) Crusades
d) d) Cold war

3. What is it that also known as a caste system that was practiced and became the social system of England?
a) a) Feudalism
b) b) Hierarchy
c) c) Military system
d) d) Pyramid

1. What is the other term for Medieval Ages?
a) a) Medieval period
b) b) Black ages
c) c) Light ages
d) d) Middle period

2. When it happened that a day of long battle that changed the course of history was took place in England near Hastings?
a) a) October 1066
b) b) October 1065
c) c) October 1064
d) d) October 1063

10. Why church is powerful during medieval ages?
a) a) Because, they were venerable.
b) b) Because, they are the servant of God.
c) c) Because, the priest at that time was the one who give an advice to the kings.
d) d) Because, they were the one who implemented Christianity.

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