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Because the outcome of a match is uncertain, many fans attending a sporting event are motivated by the game's_____________ value.
a) financial
b) entertainment
c) economic
d) physical

Ryan loves baseball and plays year-round in several community leagues. He's very goal-oriented, focused, and is out to win every game. In this situation, Ryan participates in sports because he
a) wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
b) has a laid-back attitude.
c) enjoys socializing with teammates
d) is very competitive by nature.

Mark enjoys taking his family to professional baseball games because of the memories he has of his dad taking him to games when he was a young boy. What factor motivates Mark to attend these sports events with his family?
a) cultural norms and values
b) significant others
c) popular athletes
d) class and gender relations

Sarah goes to an exercise class twice a week at a local gym. She takes the class to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to catch up with her friends. What motivates Sarah to attend the exercise class?
a) Personal improvement and social facilitation
b) The thrill of competition and social status
c) Low membership costs and sport appreciation
d) The need for recognition and personal values

Jacob started training for the Boston Marathon several months ago and was happy when he finished the marathon in record time. In this situation, Jacob was motivated to run in the marathon for personal growth, which resulted in a(n)
a) appreciation for others' physical strength.
b) feeling of purpose and belonging.
c) need to take emotional risks.
d) sense of pride and accomplishment

Most sport/event products are classified as
a) pure goods.
b) a combination of goods and services
c) pure services
d) a combination of rented and owned-goods services.

85% of a sport organization's season ticket holders live or work within two hours of the team's home playing field. In this situation, what factor motivates the season ticket holders' decision to buy?
a) The venue's design and layout
b) The team's unpredictable performance
c) The stadium's geographic location
d) Their sense of loyalty to the team's coach

The programs, hot dogs, drinks, and souvenirs that fans buy during a sporting event are part of the total sports
a) promotion.
b) market
c) strategy
d) product

Over the years, Wrigley Field has earned a reputation as one of the best places to watch a Major League Baseball game. This is called brand
a) image
b) awareness
c) image extension.
d) loyalty

A baseball game broadcast on the radio is an example of
a) a nonsport
b) sports media
c) owned-goods service
d) a sporting good.

Your high-school's basketball team went to the state championship game last year, but didn't even make the play-offs this year. This is an example of a(n) ____________ sport/event product.
a) inconsistent
b) perishable
c) tangible
d) consistent

One of the primary reasons that people are motivated to attend arena football games is the
a) instant-replay feature
b) affordable ticket prices
c) low scores
d) prime-time, network television exposure.

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