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The sports table tennis is originated in what country?
a) a. India
b) b. Scotland
c) c. Netherland
d) d. England

It was being played by upper class and Victorian for what amusement?
a) a. After-lunch
b) b. After- breakfast
c) c. After- dinner
d) d. Midnight snack

Table tennis game played with following different names except.
a) a. Ping-pong
b) b. Gaassima
c) c. Whiff-whaff
d) d. Parlour Tennis

ITTF means.
a) a. International Table Tennis Federation
b) b. International Tie Tennis Federation
c) c. Internal Table Tennis Federation
d) d. Internal Table Tennis Field Game

This Game supplies following except.
a) a. Table
b) b. Ball
c) c. Net
d) d. Padded Stick

What is the visual color of the racket or bat use in table tennis?
a) a. Yellow and violet
b) b. Blue and orange
c) c. Black and red
d) d. Red and white

7. The net height of the table in this game is.
a) a. 25.15 cm
b) b. 12.25 cm
c) c. 15.25 m
d) d.25.15 m

The shakehand type of grip is also known as.
a) a. Orthodox or western Grip
b) b. Orthodox or Eastern Grip
c) c. Orthodox or Southern Grip
d) b. Orthodox or Northern Grip

The penhold type of grip is also known as.
a) a. England Grip
b) b. Indian Grip
c) c. Japanese Grip
d) d. Chinese Grip

10. Offense stroke is also known
a) a. Hitting mode
b) b. Guard mode
c) c. Attack mode
d) d. shield mode

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