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A ________________ must be able to use speech, body language, and movement in order to get the attention of the audience.
a) Actor
b) Mime
c) Street Performer
d) Famous person

_____________________is a person who plays a role in theater, movies or television.
a) Actor
b) Director
c) Business Manager
d) Floor Manager

According to Ancient Greek sources, ______________ was the first person to ever act on stage as an actor playing a character in a play.
a) Plautus
b) Dionysus
c) Thespis
d) Hercules

The main job of a ________________________ is to make sure that all actors have the right costume for the character in the production
a) Props Head
b) Lighting Designer
c) Costume Designer
d) Director

_______________________ are what make the appearance of a character.
a) shoes and purses
b) Costumes and Makeup
c) lights and sound
d) the script

Once the performance opens, the stage manager controls __________
a) the sound board
b) the lighting board
c) the cast member's lives
d) every aspect of the show

All of the paperwork from the show and the script are kept in the stage managers ______________.
a) prompt book
b) script
c) file cabinet
d) binder

The Stage manager must attend _________ rehearsal.
a) at least two
b) only the dress rehearsals
c) very first
d) every

Whose job is to organize all notes and materials for the productions? They also makes sure that actors are memorizing ther lines and keeps rehearsals running on time
a) Production Manager
b) Public Relations
c) Stage Manager
d) Director

Their job is to imagine, draft, build and paint scenery for the show.
a) Scenic Designer
b) Props Head
c) Makeup Artist
d) Painting Crew

Scenic Designer decides what changes in the set will help to indicate a ______________________
a) scene change
b) new location
c) live performance
d) conflict in the story

What production staff member analyzes what the play requires for a set, and collaborates with the other production departments?
a) Props Head
b) Director
c) Stage Manager
d) Scenic Designer

A props head instructs cast members how to ____________________ props
a) fight with
b) use and take care of
c) use the fire exits to save
d) find and place

Why does a props head need to attend rehearsals?
a) to be told what to do by the director
b) to take the credit for their work
c) to asses changes that may need to be made to props
d) to tell the actors to not touch the props

The person who collects, purchases, and/or creates the props for the production.
a) Director
b) Dramaturg
c) Makeup Artist
d) Props Head/Props Crew

-In addition to management and financial skills, a production manager must have detailed knowledge of ________________
a) how to perform
b) all of the plays ever written
c) all production disciplines
d) the things that annoy the actors

What should directors do before they start rehearsals?
a) plan dinner for each night of rehearsal
b) plan schedules, think about casting, and develop a concept
c) hire all of thier friends as actors
d) plan the intermission, the seating arrangments, and the curtain call

What is the theatre field who oversees and orchestrates the mounting of a theatre production or a devised piece of work.
a) Director
b) Lighting Designer
c) Dramaturg
d) Props Head

Without the sound crew we really couldn't hear the _____________________
a) show
b) orchestra
c) speakers
d) actors and sound

The sound crew operates the ________________ by taking cues from the stage manager during performances.
a) sound board
b) wiring and programming
c) lighting board
d) captions

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