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Portugal maintained a colonial or trade interest in all of these EXCEPT
a) North America.
b) South America.
c) West Africa.
d) India.

The English established colonies or trade relations in all of the following EXCEPT
a) Brazil.
b) Massachusetts.
c) New York.
d) northwestern India.

The Moluccas were known to Europeans as the
a) Spice Islands.
b) West Indies.
c) Middle Passage.
d) Gold Coast.

The set of principles that dominated economic thought in the seventeenth century was known as
a) mercantilism.
b) speculation.
c) consumerism.
d) communism.

What did the encomienda system provide for New Spain?
a) a cheap labor source
b) military protection
c) more settlers
d) more land

What helped to increase the slave trade in Africa during the seventh century?
a) the spread of Islam into Africa
b) the Crusades and holy wars
c) an increase in trade between Europe and Asia
d) the establishment of trade networks between Africa and Portugal

What prompted a wave of new businesses and trade practices in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries?
a) new wealth from the Americas and the growth in overseas trade
b) the global transfer of foods, plants, and animals during colonization
c) people pooling their wealth for a common purpose
d) European countries becoming able to sell more goods than they bought

What was one effect in Europe of the financial success of American colonies?
a) The prices of goods steadily increased.
b) Both the prices and supply of goods steadily increased.
c) The prices of goods steadily decreased.
d) The supply of goods increased to meet demand.

What was one result of the loss of native lives to disease?
a) a severe shortage of labor in the colonies
b) fewer battles between the colonists and natives over land
c) a growing tolerance between the colonists and the natives
d) the ruin of several tobacco and sugar cane plantations

What was the main economic activity in New France?
a) building a fur trade
b) creating long-term colonial investments
c) finding religious freedom
d) finding gold and spices

What was the purpose of most of the joint-stock companies of the 1500s and 1600s?
a) funding colonies in the Americas
b) financing wars in Africa
c) paying for the building of slave ships
d) funding the digging of gold mines

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