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For a water solution to be acidic, what must be true?
a) [H3O+] > [OH-]
b) [H3O+] < [OH-]
c) [H3O+] = [OH-]
d) none of these.

A buffer keeps a solution's pH constant by
a) releasing or absorbing H+ ions
b) providing neutralizing ions.
c) increasing the concentration of H2O molecules.
d) changing the [H3O+].

A common example of a good buffer solution is
a) blood.
b) coffee.
c) seawater.
d) herb tea.

What determines a buffer's capacity to neutralize added base?
a) the amount of weak acid
b) its temperature
c) the amount of conjugate base
d) all of these are correct.

The amount of acid or base that a buffer can neutralizze is called
a) the buffer capacity.
b) neutralizing concentration.
c) neutralizing capacity
d) buffer concentration.

If hydronium ions or hydroxide ions are added beyond the buffer capacity, the added excess ions will
a) change the pH.
b) have no effect on the pH.
c) precipitate.
d) neutralize each other.

The carbonic acid-bicarbonate buffer sstem in blood has a 1:20 ratio of acid to conjugate base. Thie means it has a great capacity for neutralizing
a) excess acid.
b) excess base.
c) the conjugate base.
d) the conjugate acid.

How can you determine the concentration of a water solution of a weak acid?
a) perform an acid-base titration.
b) determine the extent of electrical conductivity.
c) Observet he color change of litmus paper.
d) Measure the pH with a pH meter.

To determine the concentration of an unknown acid, one of the requirements is
a) a standard base
b) a standard acid.
c) litmus paper.
d) universal pH paper.

To determine the concentration of an unknown acid or base in a titration, you need a(n)
a) acid-base indicator.
b) standard base.
c) weak acid solution.
d) a standard salt solution.

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